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Trick or Treat with care

Children taking part in Trick or Treating on Halloween night should always be accompanied by an adult to ensure they do not alarm any vulnerable people, says Haringey Council executive member for Crime and Community Safety, Cllr Nilgun Canver. The activity should also end at a reasonable hour, possibly around 9pm, when young children would normally be in bed anyway, she adds.

“Trick or Treating should be light-hearted fun. Even groups of children should have an adult with them as we have reports of households feeling threatened. It is a good idea to follow the tradition that only homes displaying Halloween decorations, such as a lit pumpkin outside or in the window, should be approached” says Cllr Canver.

Haringey's Safer Communities Partnership offers certain guidelines for those wanting to take part. These are:

* A responsible adult should accompany all children
* Only houses displaying Halloween decorations should be approached
* Only young children should play Trick or Treat
* Householders should be greeted in a fun manner without being threatened
* Householders not offering “treats” should be left in peace with a declaration of “ Happy Halloween”
* Trick or Treating should cease around 9pm when most young children would then be in bed.


*Avoid decorating with candles or torch lights.
*Ensure that combustible Halloween decorations such as crepe paper, cornstalks and dried flowers are kept well away from sources of heat. Keep all exits clear of decorating materials.
*Purchase and install working smoke alarms, and practice home escape plans. Ensure that all children in your home know the location of the exits, should an emergency situation

Be careful when decorating your house for your Halloween party!

Halloween should be fun for everyone!